• Strategies in Light

    Plexiglas® Resin Booth #11719
    February 27 - March 1
    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Thank you for a great show!

We loved having this opportunity to meet with current and potential customers, as well as everyone else in the industry that we don't always have the opportunity to interact with.

 Our Product Highlights  

This year we showcased a variety of our acrylic resins,
including the brand new Plexiglas® Diffuse™ Ultra™
resin and the recently launched Plexiglas® HT121-LPL™
resin which has been seen at NPE and NAIAS.


  • Plexiglas® Diffuse™ Ultra™ V045-68210 Resin has exceptional light transmission and good hiding power
  • Plexiglas® Reflect™ Resin is a developmental with outstanding reflectivity and thermoforming
  • Plexiglas® HT121-LPL™ Resin maximizes light output over long path lengths
  • Plexiglas® Diffuse™ V045-68207 and Plexiglas® Diffuse™ V045-68209 Resins, which allow you to choose the best balance of transmission and hiding power 
  • Plexiglas® Diffuse™ DR-66151 and Plexiglas® Frosted DR-66080 Resins, which have increased impact resistance


booth at SIL Altuglas resin
booth and customers at SIL Altuglas resin