Plexiglas® 3D Acrylic Resins

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Plexiglas® 3D acrylic resins are developed for acrylic filament extrusion, providing optimal processing of highly technical parts requiring optimum performance in 3D printing applications.

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Plexiglas® 3D acrylic resins feature patent-pending technology used in our 3D printing markets, and are a part of the overall 3D printing strategy by Arkema


Plexiglas® 3D-100

Plexiglas® 3D-100 thermoplastic pellets for acrylic filament extrusion are specially formulated to eliminate voids and layer lines in finished parts printed using our recommended printing parameters. Plexiglas® 3D PMMA resin imparts high transparency, UV-resistance for exterior applications, excellent aesthetics and colorable options, and easy processing. Plexiglas® 3D acrylic resin can be utilized in markets such as general lighting, automotive and transportation and consumer goods.


Examples of typical applications include:

  • LED lighting luminaires
  • Lampshades
  • Lenses



Geographic availability

North America
South America


  • Electronics and electrical
    • Light and lighting


  • LED lighting