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Plexiglas® Acrylic Molding Resin - About Underwriters Laboratories

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Since their founding in 1894, they have held the undisputed reputation as the leader in U.S. product safety and certification. Building on their household name in the United States, UL is becoming one of the most recognized, reputable conformity assessment providers in the world. Today, their services extend to helping companies achieve global acceptance for their products, whether it is an electrical device, a programmable system or a company's quality process.

UL search page:  for Altuglas International products, follow the link below and use the UL file numbers:

  • E39437 (Plastics Component)
  • BP1575 (Burglary-Resisting Glazing Material)
  • BP8815 (Bullet-Resisting Materials, Glazing Materials)
  • E184104 (Sign Accessories - Component)

Plexiglas® Acrylic Resins ASTM

ASTM D 788
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Plexiglas® V044 PMMA 0131V2
Plexiglas®  V045 PMMA 0131V2
Plexiglas®  V045i PMMA 0211V2
Plexiglas®  V052 PMMA 0131V2
Plexiglas®  V052i PMMA 0211V2
Plexiglas®  V052 UVA5 PMMA 0133V2
Plexiglas®  V825 PMMA 0141V3
Plexiglas®  V825 HID PMMA 0143V3
Plexiglas®  V825 NA PMMA 0141V3
Plexiglas®  V825 UVA PMMA 0143V3
Plexiglas®  V825 UVA5A PMMA 0143V3
Plexiglas®  V825 UVT  PMMA 0142V3
Plexiglas®  V826 PMMA 0141V1
Plexiglas®  V920 PMMA 0121V4
Plexiglas®  V920 NA

PMMA 0121V4

Plexiglas®  V920 UVT

PMMA 0122V4

Plexiglas® DR M2

PMMA 0231V1

ASTM D 788
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Plexiglas®  VH PMMA 0111V6
Plexiglas®  VM PMMA 0111V5
Plexiglas® VS PMMA 0111V7
Plexiglas® VS NA PMMA 0111V7
Plexiglas®VS UVT PMMA 0112V7
Plexiglas® VOD PMMA 0132V5
Plexiglas® VLD PMMA 0130V6KB054
Plexiglas® DR® PMMA 0231V1
Plexiglas® HFI10 PMMA 0231V2
Plexiglas®HFI7 PMMA 0221V4
Plexiglas® SG10 PMMA 0230V2
Plexiglas® SG7 PMMA 0220V4
Plexiglas® MI7 PMMA 0221V3
Solarkote® A PMMA 0233V1
Solarkote® H PMMA 0233V3
Plexiglas® HT121 PMMA 0141V2
Plexiglas® MI7T PMMA 0241V1
Plexiglas® MI7C 56503 PMMA 0221V1

Federal / Military

Federal specification L-P-380C plastic molding material, methacrylate

Supersedes L-M-500 and L-P-380B


This specification covers acrylic molding compounds which are suitable for compression, injection, and extrusion molding.

Plexiglas® acrylic resins meet the physical property requirements outlined in this specification as listed below by specific type and class:

Type I - General Purpose
Class 1 - Lowest DTUFL (Plexiglas® VS)
Class 2 - Middle DTUFL (Plexiglas® VM)
Class 3 - Highest DTUFL (Plexiglas® V044, V045, V052, V920, V825, V826

Type II - Electrical
Class 1 - Lowest DTUFL (Plexiglas® VS)
Class 2 - Middle DTUFL (Plexiglas® VM)
Class 3 - Highest DTUFL (Plexiglas® V044, V045, V052, V920, V825, V826

Certificates of conformance are available if exception is taken to the acceptance and periodic lot check tests, the packaging requirements if specified other than Level C (Commercial Practice) and the marking requirements.


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