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Plexiglas® Extruded Sheet

Light and dark blue Plexiglas® by Arkema logo.

Plexiglas® extruded sheet is a premium melt calendered sheet that can be used in a variety of applications such a POP displays, signage, framing, rear projection screen, and skylight applications, among others.

The materials allow for a broad range of design considerations that allow you the flexibility needed in your applications.


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Latest news

Plexiglas® Sylk

Think Sleek and Chic for Your New Designs

The newest addition to the acrylic sheet family of products, Plexiglas® Sylk acrylic
sheet was developed with a focus on the trends toward LED light sources, offering a unique blend of properties that provides brilliance and luminosity without sacrificing light transmission.


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Plexiglas® MC

A premium melt calendered sheet with exceptional weather resistance and optical quality that can be easily fabricated and thermoformed.


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Plexiglas® Clear Edge Frosted

A sheet that consists of a clear middle layer sandwiched between top and bottom frosted layers. Available in with one and sided Frosted options. Allows designers to create an attractive look to their design.


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Plexiglas® EliT II

Designed for edge-lit signage and light boxes that will enhance your design flexibility.


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Plexiglas® EliT III

Designed for edge-lit signage and light boxes that will enhance your design flexibility.


Plexiglas® Frosted

A unique textured look throughout the sheet that creates dramatic effects. Is ideal for POP and lighting applications.


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Plexiglas® Perfexion UF5

Designed to filter out 99% of UV rays with outstanding optical clarity, making it ideal for museums, framing, and any other application where UV filtering is required.



Plexiglas® Impact Family

Our family of impact modified products that consists of Plexiglas T, T2, T3 and DR sheet.


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Plexiglas® MC Edge Color

A sheet with intense color at the edge, yet a subtle look on the surface, that is available in 7 standard colors.


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Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent

A sheet offering with bright luminous neon colors that will glow without a light source.


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Plexiglas® MC Matte

A sheet with a matte texture available on one surface or two that is similar in look to the cast sheet P95.


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Plexiglas® MC Translucent Sign Colors

A group of 18 translucent sign colors that will hide or diffuse LED light sources as close as 2" to the light source.


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Plexiglas® MC Medley

A sheet that is a custom multilayer and multicolored co-extruded product with endless choice possibilities.


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Plexiglas® Perfexion

Acrylic sheet for lightweight design, optimum transparency, superb light transmission qualities, and strength 17x that of glass.


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Plexiglas® Q

Acrylic sheet for applications requiring enhanced craze and chemical resistance.


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Plexiglas® SG Plus

Craze-resistant acrylic sheet suitable for channel letter and pan face signage.


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Geographic availability

North America
South America


  • Automotive and transportation
    • Personal transportation
  • Building and construction
    • Signs and displays
  • Consumer goods
    • Electronics
    • Household equipment
  • Electronics and electrical
    • Electronics
    • Light and lighting
  • Food industry and agrochemicals


  • Edge lighting
  • FDA applications
  • Golf carts
  • LED lighting
  • Rear projection screen
  • Simulators