Acrylic polymers for medical applications

Advances in drug design is ongoing and medical disposable delivery systems increasingly require materials with greater chemical resistance. Altuglas® Luctor™ resin is designed specifically for disposable medical devices.

Altuglas® Luctor impact-modified acrylic resin


Plexiglas® and Altuglas® Luctor impact-modified acrylic resins are transparent materials that exhibit excellent chemical resistance to IPA and lipids, as well as other chemicals used in hospital settings. These acrylic impact resins offer excellent optical transparency, retention of properties after sterilization, and multiple bonding options. In addition, they offer 7 to 10 times more impact resistance compared to standard acrylic resins.


Our proprietary impact-modifier technology dramatically reduces solvent-induced stress cracking by minimizing part stress during molding. Our resins process easily and offer varying modulus and impact resistance to meet specific requirements of the medical device manufacturer.


Altuglas Luctor medical-grade polymer 



Altuglas Luctor medical grade resin 

Altuglas® Luctor is an impact-modified acrylic resin formulated to provide exceptional resistance to ethyl and isopropyl alcohol. It has good clarity and is easily processed in intricate mold cavities. The resin is also environmentally friendly, having more than 25% of its carbon content derived from a bio-based source. It is well suited for IV delivery systems and other devices where maximum resistance to alcohols, lipid emulsions, plasticizers, TPN solutions, or new generation oncology drugs is paramount.


In addition to our Altuglas® Luctor impact-modifier products, Plexiglas® SG10 and Plexiglas® SG7 impact-modified resins will meet some of the toughest device requirements for processing, clarity, sterilization, performance and regulatory compliance. Both are engineered specifically for intricate and multi-compartment parts and applications such as dialysis cassettes, IV components, drug delivery systems, and canisters.


Features and benefits

Plexiglas® and Altuglas® Luctor™ impact-modified acrylic resins

  • Chemical resistance

- Outstanding resistance to lipids and drug

- Outstanding resistance to ethyl and isopropyl alcohol

- Outstanding resistance to phthalate and
  non-phthalate plasticizers

- Outstanding resistance to hospital antiseptics, acids
  and bases

- Low surface wetting for reduced residue build-up

  • Processability/assembly

- Good melt processability

- Reduced cycle times

- Melt flow properties allow for use in thin-wall
  applications and complex multi-cavity molds

- Excellent low shear processing stability

- Good bondability using solvent, ultrasonic, or radio
  frequency methods

Plexiglas® UV transmitting acrylic resins

  • Exceptional UV transmittance
  • Excellent transparency
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • Exceptional processability

Typical applications

  • Dialysis and blood therapy systems
  • IV line components
  • Fluid control valves
  • Filter housings
  • Respiratory canisters
  • Suction devices
  • In vitro diagnostic systems

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