Innovation In Any Market with PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic

Trinseo produces PLEXIGLAS® acrylic - one of the most well-known brand names worldwide. Our product lines include numerous acrylic sheet and resin products that serve a broad spectrum of industries and applications throughout the Americas. Anticipation of market trends and customer needs throughout these areas drives our continuous innovation and product development.


For over 85 years, our PLEXIGLAS® brand has performed in numerous applications that require long-term optical clarity, rich color, high gloss, toughness, scratch resistance, UV stability, weatherability, and many other specifications.


Why? It’s simple. Our products exhibit the highest light transmission and lowest haze, and we offer a variety of opaque, translucent, and transparent colors. Every colored Plexiglas® acrylic incorporates decades of color technology experience, and our hallmark is sustained product quality and an experienced worldwide staff.


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