Aerospace & Military

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic first entered the aerospace market during World War II.  Our PLEXIGLAS® II UVA  acrylic sheet is preshrunk and specially designed for use in a wide variety of aircraft components including military canopies, instrument clusters, helicopter bubbles, aircraft side windows, and other transparent aerospace enclosures.

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet is inherently lightweight, has excellent optical clarity, is resistant to thermal shock, and exhibits excellent mechanical properties.


  • PLEXIGLAS® II UVA acrylic sheet is certified to meet or exceed Military Specification MIL-PRF-5425E, “Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Heat Resistant.”  Available in thicknesses from 0.125” to 1.000”, this versatile PMMA acrylic sheet is manufactured to exacting standards of optical clarity, surface quality, and thickness tolerances. It also has excellent weathering characteristics and is listed in the Qualified Products Database (QPD).


PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet can be used alone or as a laminate and is half the weight of glass.


Learn more about the many benefits of using PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet in military and aerospace applications.


This product is also available outside of the Americas under the brand name ALTUGLAS™ II UVA.