Automotive exterior and interior applications

Plexiglas® acrylic resins is the standard. For automotive rear combination lamps, reflectors, interior ambient lighting, appliques, light guides and instrument cluster covers our Plexiglas® acrylic resins have proven color stability, large selection of colors, long-term performance, and worldwide support and reach.

Light covers

Perfect Plexiglas resins for rear light applications.

The optical clarity and cleanliness of Plexiglas® resins provide excellent reflector performance.


Plexiglas® DR and Plexiglas® MI–7 impact modified acrylic resins offer a combination of toughness, clarity, and excellent weatherability making them ideal materials for reflex lenses.


They are characterized by high light transmission and low haze and offer excellent processability providing for an expanded “molding window”. Their optical properties and processing flexibility permit the molding of complicated signal lighting lenses while maintaining high reflex values.

The toughness of these impact modified acrylics makes them more resistant to stresses and strains imposed during insert molding and assembly operations. Increased yields are achieved through reduced part breakage.


Plexiglas® V052 acrylic is recognized as the bench mark against which reflex performance is measured. They supply added toughness with little compromise in reflex. The superior optical and processing properties of Plexiglas® impact modified acrylic resins result in reflex values significantly higher than coated polycarbonate. Higher reflex values allow more styling freedom as less lens area needs to be dedicated to reflex to meet the requirements of SAE J594.


Plexiglas® impact modified acrylic resins have a large processing window in which excellent reflex values can be attained. This processing window gives molders the flexibility they need to economically produce lenses free of flow lines, sink, and other defects while maintaining high reflex properties.

Exterior and interior trim

Plexiglas® acrylic resin has provided the automotive industry with outstanding exterior and interior applications.

Process economics, manufacturing issues, and vehicle weight concerns are driving the use of in-mold-color trim parts on vehicles.


The line of Plexiglas® opaque RB grades allows for increased design versatility, styling distinction, and vehicle weight reduction, while eliminating the cost and emission problems and the post-consumer recycling problems associated with painting.

For over 60 years, Plexiglas® acrylic resin has provided the automotive industry with outstanding color and gloss retention for demanding exterior and interior applications.


Plexiglas® V-grade RB provides high gloss opaque black, standard grade impact resistance, good melt flow and excellent mold release.  They also offer high heat distortion temperatures and UV weatherability.


Plexiglas® MI7C-56503 offers high gloss black opaque in a medium impact acrylic resin with high heat resistance in a weatherable acrylic resin.