Building & Construction

Trinseo supplies innovative PLEXIGLAS® acrylic products and SOLARKOTE™ acrylic capstock to the building and construction market to fulfill a vast array of applications.


From sporting event shielding to residential skylights, PLEXIGLAS® and SOLARKOTE™ acrylic products are honed to withstand extreme conditions throughout the building and construction industry.  Need some help deciding which PLEXIGLAS® or SOLARKOTE™ acrylic product is best for your application? Contact one of our technical experts today! 

Aquarium & Tank Windows

PLEXIGLAS® G cell-cast acrylic sheet exhibits excellent optical clarity while satisfying the requirements of nearly all high-performance applications, making it ideal for aquarium and tank window applications. We offer a full line of PLEXIGLAS® cast acrylic sheet that provides outstanding long-term optical quality, chemical resistance, and weatherability, as well as numerous other benefits that make it a top choice for acrylic and glass replacement projects.




Want more information regarding the use of PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet in aquarium applications? Visit our General Product Information – FAQ Page. 


PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet offers excellent clarity without the weight or fragility of glass in a variety of glazing applications.  Additionally, both PLEXIGLAS® G and PLEXIGLAS® MC sheet meet the requirements of ANSI Z97.1 at thicknesses of 0.080" and greater.


Learn more about the many areas in which PLEXIGLAS® G and PLEXIGLAS® MC acrylic sheet are the optimal choices for your glazing applications.


For more information, visit our Regulatory and Specification Requirements – FAQ  page.


The excellent weathering resistance and clarity of PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet makes it an ideal choice for your skylight applications.  Visit our Extruded and Cell Cast product pages to learn more about our solutions, including those that meet ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1653 evaluation.


Make the safe choice with our bullet-resistant PLEXIGLAS® acrylic glazing material. PLEXIGLAS® SB acrylic bullet-resistant glazing materials feature patented protection for high-security environments. PLEXIGLAS® SB acrylic sheet offers a lightweight, crystal-clear, non-laminated alternative for protective barrier designs, and meets UL 752 Level I and II requirements for use in bullet-resistant applications involving small firearms. Our coated PLEXIGLAS® SBAR acrylic sheet offers 40 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic for applications where greater wear protection is required.

Arenas & Hockey Rinks

PLEXIGLAS® Arena acrylic sheet is designed specifically for indoor arena glazing.  This PLEXIGLAS® cell cast acrylic sheet allows for superior optical properties using state-of-the-art acrylic sheet manufacturing technology.


PLEXIGLAS® Arena acrylic sheet withstands knockout conditions in indoor arenas and does not shatter like glass. It is half the weight of tempered glass, allowing for faster and easier change-outs if needed. For arenas that require even more durability, specify our abrasion-resistant version: PLEXIGLAS® Arena AR acrylic sheet. PLEXIGLAS® Arena AR provides enhanced chemical resistance, allowing for easier cleaning and extended service life.

Solarkote™ Acrylic Capstock

SOLARKOTE™ acrylic capstock is designed to provide a high-quality, versatile finish that maintains its durability and UV protection for extended periods. Learn more about our SOLARKOTE™ acrylic capstock solutions, including:


  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Railing
  • Roofing
  • Window & Door Profiles
  • Siding