LED lighting

Plexiglas® Diffuse acrylic resins offer maximum diffusion and light transmission that LED designers have always wanted.

Future energy source concerns and government regulations have enabled the development of new lower energy requiring light sources. LED technology is quickly becoming the single most important development in this market.


As new and more demanding applications for LED emerge, the ability to provide the necessary light diffusion without reducing light transmission will determine which plastics will dominate cover and lens designs. 


Plexiglas® Diffuse resins offer better diffusion of intense LED point light sources without sacrificing light transmission.  The technology offers a variety of scratch resistant surface textures, from high gloss to matte finishes, weatherability and UV resistance formulations.

Unique set of properties for LED light sources

Plexiglas® Diffuse provide a unique set of properties for LED light sources.
  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Superior light transmission
  • Choice of smooth or textured surface on extruded resins
  • Outstanding UV resistance and weatherability
  • Exceptional surface gloss and scratch resistance
  • Ease of processing during extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming and cutting
  • Recyclability