Plexiglas® UV transmitting resins offer optimal optical properties for diagnostic accuracy.

Plexiglas® UV transmitting resins offer singular optical properties for diagnostic accuracy that is needed in the medical industry.

UV transmitting resins provide low-level fluorescence, which is easily characterized and subtracted from sample emissions.  

In general the acrylic resins support cell growth in tissue cultures making them appropriate for diagnostic applications of this sort. Additionally, applying standard surface treatment protocols enhances this property.  

Finally, these resins offer very high flow values and pack out well in molded devices, providing excellent reproducibility of volumetrics. The flow properties also allow for thin wall injection molding applications.


Plexiglas® VS-UVT

Plexiglas® VS-UVT provides exceptional UV transmission and excellent transparency making it an outstanding choice for in vitro diagnostics use.  The transmission of VS-UVT is considerably higher than all non-acrylic materials. In addition, VS-UVT is generally tougher than UV transmitting styrenics a commonly used material for this application. 


Finally, the optical purity of the VS-UVT makes it the ideal candidate when accuracy is required.