Drug Delivery Systems

Plexiglas® acrylic resins have demonstrated over thirty years of outstanding performance in the healthcare industry. Our medical grade resins offer ease of processing and exceptional flow properties, allowing for a wide range of manufacturing options — from injection molding to extrudion.  

Additionally, the resins are specially formulated for gamma sterilization recovery and chemical resistance in line for their intended end use.

As continual advances in drug design occur, medical disposable delivery systems increasingly require materials with greater chemical resistance.


Simultaneously, health care providers seek devices that can perform longer, reducing the need for multiple replacements during treatments.

Plexiglas® medical resins provide device manufacturers with polymers exhibiting excellent resistance to lipids, plasticizers, and ethyl/isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Additionally, the inherent water-white clarity, transparency, and ease of processing make Plexiglas® resins the prefered choice for diagnostic labware applications.


Plexiglas® resins for medical lconnectors
  • Dialysis and other blood therapy systems
  • IV components and drug delivery
    • Fluid control valves
    • Luers
    • Connectors
    • Spikes
    • Y-joints
    • Filter housings
  • Blood separators
  • Cardiopulmonary housings
  • Respiratory canisters
  • Yankauer suction apparatuses
  • In vitro diagnostic systems