Recreational & Marine

Trinseo’s high-performance products have been used for decades in applications that require long-term optical clarity, rich color, high gloss, toughness, scratch resistance, UV stability, and weatherability.

PLEXIGLAS® acrylic and SOLARKOTE™ capstock products are designed to withstand extreme conditions.  Specify them for durable, dependable, and stunning recreational and marine components such as golf cart windscreens, rooftop cargo carriers, jet ski and ATV bodies, and marine window glazing.  Contact us for help choosing the best product for your recreational or marine application.


Recreational Vehicles

Both PLEXIGLAS® MC and PLEXIGLAS® impact modified acrylic sheet are excellent materials for use in golf cart and recreational vehicle windscreens, accessory items, and storage containers.  The following PLEXIGLAS® sheet products meet the federal motor vehicle specifications of ANSI Z26.1, making them a great choice for regulated industries:



PLEXIGLAS® acrylic sheet is easily formed, cut, and routed, allowing for quick processing and fabrication to yield beautiful parts without sacrificing clarity, design flexibility, or processing techniques.


Bring your vision to life with SOLARKOTE™ capstock custom sheet options. SOLARKOTE™ products perform brilliantly in conjunction with many substrate materials.  For a class A paint-like appearance, apply a PLEXIGLAS® GT3 acrylic clear coat over a SOLARKOTE™ primary layer. The SOLARKOTE™ acrylic family of products also includes a range of matte options with different gloss levels and textures for applications requiring a low-gloss appearance, such as rooftop cargo carriers, ATVs, side by sides, and more.  Learn more about our myriad SOLARKOTE™ resin finishes.


With its exceptional optical quality and high weather resistance, PLEXIGLAS® G acrylic sheet is a clear choice for the marine industry. PLEXIGLAS® G acrylic sheet is available in transparent and translucent colors for marine window glazing applications. This lightweight material allows designers more freedom because it is half the weight of glass and is easily thermoformed and fabricated.


Enjoy bright days on the water without concern for the toll that harsh sunrays may have on your boat’s center console.  Created to protect against extreme conditions, SOLARKOTE™ acrylic capstock is an excellent choice for solar protection in marine applications, from boat consoles to jet skis. Contact us for more information about SOLARKOTE™ custom sheet options.