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Museum casings

Plexiglas® acrylic sheet offers several grades of material that are often used for museum cases.

Plexiglas® acrylic sheet is available in several grades that are used as museum cases. There is Plexiglas® acrylic cell cast sheet, Plexiglas® MC extruded sheet, Plexiglas® PerfexionTM, and Plexiglas® impact grades. All grades are excellent materials that will perform to the needs of your application.

An ideal sheet to meet all your museum case needs

Plexiglas® acrylic cell cast sheet has excellent clarity and is available in thicker gauges.

  • Plexiglas® MC, an extruded sheet, is ideal for thinner gauges and tighter thickness tolerances. 
  • Plexiglas® PerfexionTM is an extruded sheet that has the highest standards for defect allowance
  • Plexiglas® impact grades are available in several standard grades of impact modified sheet for those applications that need more durability and performance.
Plexiglas® acrylic sheet is often used for museum casings.

No matter which grade you choose, you will have a material that performs to the highest standards you have realized and expected with all Plexiglas® products.